Five -The End To My Adventure

As I sit here writing my final my blog post, my project is almost done and I am running out of things to do. Over the last few week,s I have finished my placards, hung test photos with fishing wire and binder clips, and gotten all my photos test printed.

After a mental breakdown in front of Mr. Hansen, I have decided that the theme of the exhibit is imperfection. Winnipeg is not a perfect city and my photography exhibit reflects that. The photographs will be slightly grainy, and the placards aren’t straight.

When I come back from the break, I will write the English Provincial exam. Then take the last two to write my final presentation speech and put together my exhibit.

The exhibit will be showcased here at the Propel final presentation nights. If you want to hear more about my Propel project, check out my Legacy Artefact and come see my final presentation on January 25th from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

Speaking of final presentation nights, the Propel program is almost over. I have the same feeling of anxiety and fear I had coming into this program but for different reasons. The fear and anxiety knowing that in just a few weeks, I will no longer spend every day with the most wonderful friends that I have laughed and cried with. But most importantly, these are people that have helped me grow and become a better person. They have all made a big impact on my life.

This program has helped me come out of my comfort and given me the chance to get to know my community. It has given me a chance to know what it feels like to succeed in school and has better prepared me for my future.

Yes, I know that the blog post was sappy and sad, but goodbyes are hard and messy. I am going to leave you with the wise words of Winnie the Pooh:

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”


Four – Gantt Chart makes it visual

During the last week a major document for our project was given to us. The document is called a Gantt chart. What is Gantt chart you may ask? It is a chart with vertical and horizontal lines that depicts the work done in a certain time period. This document helps us keep track of how much time we have to do each milestone. Beside each milestone there is a column that has the number of action steps and beside that a column for the number of action steps completed. After you complete an action step more of the horizontal row gets filled in.

I am very behind on taking photographs and the placard blurbs. I know I am behind because it is not dark purple up to the current day. I am behind by about 8 days since I have had to wait to hear back from subjects I have wanted to work with. Naturally, that has also lead to me getting behind on placard blurb writing. However, I do have a plan to catch up.
The next few weeks I will be playing catch up by photographing 2 more subjects and writing the placard blurb for those photos. Then, I will have 2 more subjects to photograph and placard blurbs to write. I will keep editing photos and find and photograph the last three subjects and finish the placards before December 20th. After that I will start the next milestone, printing photos and placards. That milestone will involve test printing photos and placards at the board office. 2018-11-29 (1)

Three – Breathe, Everything Is Going To Be Okay

The last 2 weeks haven’t felt the most productive and like not much has happened, but a lot has, it just hasn’t come in a physical form. A lot has been put on my metaphorical plate. The Big Picture Goals are what we want our project to do and look like by the end. My Big Picture Goals haven’t changed too much to the point where it affects what I am doing right now. While having my BPG conference with Mr. Patrician, we decided to take out goals like working with a mentor, hosting the exhibit in an outside location and collecting donation for a cause. By taking these goals out, it will make the project smaller and accomplishable within the semester. This will also let me focus more on improving my photography skills, which was the thing I wanted my project to focus on.

The rest of my semester will be dedicated to finishing my project using my action plan. This is a document that dictates the steps that I need to take to complete my project. These steps are called milestones. Within each milestone, there are tasks that need to be completed.

I have 6 milestones to complete before the semester is over. Now, I know 6 does not seem like much but within each milestone there is up to 13 tasks, but it feels more like 50. There is an upside to this, I am almost done the first milestone which includes emailing different organizations and creating something called a boilerplate which is the template for all the emails I will send out over the course of the semester. I have one more email to send out before I can check off my first milestone. I hope that being able to check off this milestone will make me feel less stressed, but I think that will not be the case.

The next is photographing subjects. This milestone is one I am going to be working on while working on others as well because I will need to wait for clients to respond to my emails. I have photographed 1 out of 10 subjects. I had the chance to photograph on Halloween when I went out with the Bear Clan Patrol Winnipeg. This was an experience I will never forget because of the people I ended up meeting and the things I learned. For example, I need to remember to bring a notepad and pen to take notes on what my subject says.

The third milestone is to determine a print shop and print my first draft of the placards that I will be putting up beside the photos. Doing print testing is vital for when I print the good copies. I will be able to get feedback from classmates and teachers which will help determine what we need to change to make sure things are perfect for the end result. The final steps of this milestones are to print the photos and placards.

I see the second last milestone as tying up the loose ends. What I mean by this is I will need to fill out budget proposal and create and purchase items like frames and hooks to hang the photos from.

The final milestone is to make a blueprint for the exhibit then do a test and then put it up for the four-final presentation nights. I have a feeling that after this step, I will feel a great sense of relief and joy but also a bit of sadness because it will be the end of a great adventure.

In conclusion, I have a lot to do and not a lot of time. I am definitely feeling the stress.

Two – My Dreams are Becoming A Reality

Wednesday October 24th, 2018

The last few weeks I have been very busy hard at work on my Proof of Concept, this stage of the semester was full of ups and downs. My first up was when I got my first taste at interviewing. I enjoyed getting to know somebody and talking to them on a deep level about real issues facing to the world today.

After the interview when it came to sit down and writing the person’s story is when I had my low of the semester. It came because I found it very difficult to write for a plethora of reasons. Those reasons include procrastination, writers block and a disinterest in writing. This discovery leads me to realize I didn’t want to spent part of my semester writing full page stories. I still wanted to do some kind of storytelling through words. After talking with people close to me, I made the decision to write a blurb instead that would detail their name, age, what they do and if they are part of an organization, what kind of work the organization does.

Specific to photography, I learned what photographic techniques I prefer. For example, I liked the idea of playing with light and exposure and I didn’t like breaking the rules of composition. In this task, there were no real highs or low because going into this task I had an idea of what I did and did not like.

My next steps will be to learn a bit more about how my camera works, what the different settings do and how they affect the photograph. Additionally, I would like to get a better understanding of how to get in contact with a client in a professional manner.

The next stage of this program is called the Big Picture Goals. This is where we create a list of what we want our project to have and look like. In the coming weeks, I will do a bit more Purposeful Play with the flash and a telephoto lens and getting in contact with the people and organizations I would like to work with.

The Proof of Concept has not only taught me a lot about what I will need to see my dream of a photography exhibit come true, but it has taught me that not everything is going my way and that over the next 4 months, things are going to have to change for the project to become better. These are lessons I am only starting to learn.

One – a new adventure

Friday September 28th 2018

The few weeks leading into the program I was utterly terrified and was doubting the decision to join the program. I had heard about the amazing things that kids had done, and I wasn’t sure if I could do the same.  Hoping that I would convince myself to call and tell them I could not come. On the other hand, there was a little part of me somewhere inside that wanted to go. That small part won, and I walked in the front door just before 9 o’clock, feeling nervous.

Nothing was different from the first time I was here for the interview, except this time everything seemed so much more daunting. Over the next few days, we had your typical icebreakers. They did a lot of talking at us, they also kept telling us this was not how the whole semester was going to go, however that seemed unlikely. Throughout those first few days that same feeling of doubt kept coming back. There was nothing I could do, just hope it would go away.

After I was made aware of what would be happening over the next few weeks, that same emotion was replaced by the anxiety of knowing that  even though I would  be able to control what paths I go down, I would not be certain of the outcome. I would have to learn that not everything I do will be correct and not to be afraid of failing because it will be a vital part of finding the correct path to go down. This anxious fear of failing is something I am going to struggle with all semester but something I hope to overcome.

By January I will have accomplished a black and white photography exhibit that will tell the story of the peoples of Winnipeg. By the time this blog goes up, I will be at end of my first week of my proof of concept. For this we have to complete a portion of the entire project and present it. I will have to conduct an interview and with that information tell someone’s story and take their photo. I will also be taking other pictures and run them through an editing software called Lightroom to create them into a black and white photo.